Adult Sunday School

The following adult Sunday School classes meet regularly throughout the academic year at 9:45 am. During the summer, some classes change schedules.

Aldersgate-Miller Memorial [Location: D208]
This class seeks to further their knowledge of the Bible, all the while supporting one another and enjoying fellowship. This fellowship is lived out through class and mission projects within the community. They have a variety of teachers and use varied materials. The average age range begins in their 60s. Contact: Patsy Surles, Bill Anderson or Lois Markham

This class seeks to grow and develop their faith. They study a variety of subjects and often have special speakers. They are also very active in the community. The average age range is in the 60s. Contact: David and Eugenia Pruett

This class seeks to deepen their Biblical knowledge and grow in fellowship and service. They seek to learn as much as they can through studies and one another. The average age is in the 50s. Contact: Laney Morris or Kim Brown

Faith Builders [Location: D203]
This class is very socially and mission-minded. They seek to support one another and find ways to bring their faith into their everyday lives. The average age in the class is 30s & 40s. They often used multi-media equipment in their studies. Contact: Chad Miller or Kyle Brown

This class seeks to build a closer relationship with Christ through fellowship and discussion through Bible study. The average age range is 30-50. Contact: Cobb Atkinson

This class seeks to grow deeper in their faith through the study of the Bible. They often try to move through the entirety of the Bible as a class, discussing what the Bible teaches them on living their lives today. Contact: Ed Brooks

One Word [Location: D205]This class practices Bible-based teaching centered around multiple subjects. It is a wonderful atmosphere of discussion and fellowship. The average age range is 35+. Contact: Linda Robbian or Vicky Jarrett

Perspectives [Location: E204]This is a new class that seeks to have Biblically-based discussion and theological analysis of topics that challenge Christians in the modern-day world. This is a class that seeks community through open discussion and fellowship. Contact: Ashley Womble

Suzanna Wesley [Location: Media Center]
This is a women's study class that seeks to be a place for women to grow in their faith and closer to one another. They explore studies and have speakers come to their class. The average age is 50+. Contact: Andrea Cozart or Lucille Duncan

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