ADULT SPIRITUAL FORMATION is one of the key aspects of the Christian life, and life as a part of the community of Wesley Memorial. We are excited to present not only INFORMATIONAL opportunities, but also TRANSFORMATIONAL opportunities. If information is what you seek—learning more about the Bible, church doctrine, the intersection of faith and life—check out Sunday School, Unity Groups, or the many classes offered throughout the year. If transformation—changing your life from the inside out through relationships, personal growth, and deepened faith—check out our new Journey Groups, United Methodist Women Circles, or the Wesley 100 (United Methodist Men). We pray that the Adult Spiritual Formation offered here at Wesley Memorial UMC will be a blessing to you in many ways. For more information, please contact Rev. Jeff Patterson.


The following adult Sunday School classes meet regularly throughout the academic year at 9:45 am. During the summer, some classes change schedules.

Aldersgate-Miller Memorial [Room D208]
This class seeks to further their knowledge of the Bible, all the while supporting one another and enjoying fellowship. This fellowship is lived out through class and mission projects within the community. They have a variety of teachers and use varied materials. The average age range begins in their 60s. Contact: Patsy Surles, Bill Anderson or Lois Markham
Brand X [Room D211]
This class seeks to grow and develop their faith. They study a variety of subjects and often have special speakers. They are also very active in the community. The average age range is in the 60s. Contact: David and Eugenia Pruett
Genesis [Room D212] - meets Wednesdays at 6:30pm
This class seeks to build a closer relationship with Christ through fellowship and discussion through Bible study. The average age range is 30-50. Contact: Cobb Atkinson

One Word [Room D212]
This class practices Bible-based teaching centered around multiple subjects. It is a wonderful atmosphere of discussion and fellowship. The average age range is 35+. Contact: Linda Robbian or Vicky Jarrett

Perspectives [Room D204]
This is a new class that seeks to have Biblically-based discussion and theological analysis of topics that challenge Christians in the modern-day world. This is a class that seeks community through open discussion and fellowship. Contact: Rob Squires

Susanna Wesley [Room D210]
This is a women's study class that seeks to be a place for women to grow in their faith and closer to one another. They explore studies and have speakers come to their class. The average age is 50+. Contact: Andrea Cozart or Lucille Duncan


For more information, or for the weekly Sermon Reflection Questions, please visit our Journey Groups website (link below) or email Rev. Clark Chilton.


The Basics

A Journey Group is a gathering of 3-8 people that regularly spends time off the church campus sharing life together. They connect through sharing the struggles and triumphs of their week, reflect on the most recent Scripture and sermon proclaimed at WMUMC, and effect meaningful change for the transformation of their lives and their world.


  • Men’s Journey Group - Sunday at 6:30 - age late 40s & up 
    • contact Michael Amos -
  • Adult Co-Ed - age mid 50s 
    • contact Debbie Smothers - 336-848-0097
  • Adult Co-Ed - age mid 40s
    • Contact Meredith Morgan -

Journey Groups Start-Up Steps:
STEP 1: INVITE 2 or more friends to join
STEP 2: SET time and place for the first meeting
(preferably someone’s home)
STEP 3: MEET together for 90 minutes
STEP 4: PRAY in closing (prayer suggestions)
STEP 5: CONNECT with us—register your group

Each Journey Group is encouraged to meet for 90 minutes, as often as you like. Maybe your group will meet every other week, every week, or once a month. Great!

The structure of Journey Group meetings consists of two halves:  the first focuses on sharing our lives with one another, and the second focuses on sharing our understanding of faith.

First 45 minutes: CONNECTing and REFLECTing on Your Week—Ask one another a question like, “How is it with your soul?” (More suggestions available on the website). Each member should be able to share. Leader of the Week keeps time.

Second 45 minutes: REFLECTing on the Week’s Sermon and EFFECTing a Change—Access the 3 questions on the website and discuss. Try to focus on applying the Scripture/message to your lives. Leader of the Week keeps time.


It is usually within a small group that people are able to explore and grow in their faith. Unity Groups, a form of small group ministry, offers you just such a setting. In unity groups, you will experience deep meaningful spiritual growth through regularly meeting together and exploring the commitments to which each unity group aspires. Wesley Memorial’s Unity Group Ministry is akin to Covenant Groups.  Just as in a covenant group where people commit to certain criteria that are accepted by everyone, each unity group also commits to living into certain practices of faith and ministry together. Those practices or commitments are as follow and are considered to be the five essential elements of unity groups:


Current list of groups and purpose:
Tuesday, 7-8 am - A group for men whose focus is studying the Bible; facilitated by John Thomas.
Tuesday, 7-8 am - A group for men whose focus is studying the Bible; facilitated by Bob Amos.
Helping Hands - Conference Room 2 at 4:20pm
A group for men and women that focuses on Bible study, sharing, prayer, and outreach. Contact: Donna Hawks
Fish {Circle View Room}
Thursday, 5:30 pm - meets in member’s homes. A group for men that focuses on Bible study and growing spiritually; facilitated by Butch Farabow and Gene Kester.
Pineapple Group
Wednesday, 9am, meets in member’s homes. A group for women who seek to grow spiritually through study, prayer, and fellowship; facilitated by Katherine Covington and Barbara Coughlin.
Second Story Men 2 {Circle View Room}
Sunday, 6:30 pm There are two groups that meet out of this group. These groups focus on accountability, helping the church, and book studies; facilitated by  Michael Amos.
Women's Group (formerly Women of West End)
Meets every otherTuesday, 9:30 am - meets in member’s homes. A group of women that focuses on personal spiritual growth and fellowship. They also meet monthly with other women at West End; facilitated by Jane Kester.
Great Day
Tuesday, 11:30 am - meets in member’s homes or in Conference Room Three. A group of women that focuses on fellowship, book study, and support; facilitated by Emile Rogers.
Twisted Sisters
Wednesday, 9:30 am-11:30 am - meets in member’s homes. A group for women whose focus is on spiritual growth; facilitated by Suzie Farabow and Julie Delgaudio

The Wesley 100/United Methodist Men help men connect with Jesus Christ and other men through fellowship and service. They meet on the 3rd Saturday at 8 am for breakfast in the small dining room. All are invited!

In addition to these gatherings, Wesley 100 men are the “chief cooks” for many of the meals served at Wesley Memorial and support numerous outreach projects in the church, community, and beyond.


United Methodist Women (UMW)
Wesley Memorial has a committed United Methodist Women. According to the United Methodist Book of Discipline the organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.To get involved with UMW please contact their President, Lucille Duncan.

Women of Wesley (WOW)
The purpose of WOW is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women of all generations at Wesley Memorial and within our community: to encourage women to grow in their faith in Christ, and to develop and strengthen friendships with other women, while providing opportunities to serve and reach our community for Christ.

"A new command I give you, that you love one another. Even as I have loved you, you must love one another. By this the world will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:34-35