Baptism at Wesley Memorial

At Wesley Memorial we believe that baptism is a public way to show that you have been raised to new life in Christ and officially enter into the life and ministry of our congregation.

Maybe you've never been baptized before and want to take that next step in committing your life to Christ. Maybe you were baptized as a baby and want to reaffirm your relationship with Jesus. Or maybe you're a parent wanting to get your infant baptized into our church family. Wherever you're at, we would love to talk with you!

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Interested in having your infant baptized or dedicated? Please fill out the form above and we’ll set up a time (about 30 minutes) to meet with a pastor who will explain the baptism/dedication covenant and answer any of your questions.


Maybe you’ve never been baptized, but God is moving in your life and you’d like to be baptized. Awesome! We’ll set up a short meeting with a pastor who will explain baptism and answer any questions. Once that takes place, we’ll set a date!