Stewardship 2018

Generosity is a defining characteristic of a spiritually healthy follower of Jesus Christ. The more generous we become, the more we reflect God. Our God is a God of great generosity and we find great joy by being a people of great generosity. God is not miserly so neither are we. God gives to us so that we can give to others. We reflect the love of Jesus Christ when we sacrificially give for the sake of God's work in the world. We become richer as we give away what we have. This is the mathematics of God's kingdom. We are given time on this earth to prepare for heaven and to prepare to leave a legacy for the people who will come behind us. What will our family learn about us when they study our lives and see how we invested our money and energy?

Manifold Blessings is a celebration of our congregation's generosity in 2017 and a demonstration of how you are transforming lives at Wesley Memorial, in High Point and beyond.

Please consider adding your financial support to our ministry in 2018 by completing and submitting a pledge card "HERE".

Click HERE to view our "Manifold Blessings" brochure.

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