How do we hear God's voice today? Many people sincerely want to follow God's guidance but they struggle with hearing God's voice telling them what is required. Using episodes from the lives of Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah, the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, and Jesus, we will learn how to better attune our hearts and minds to hear God speaking to us today.

January 14: “Samuel's Restless Night's Sleep" (1 Samuel 3.1-10)
January 21: “Elijah's Pity Party" (1 Kings 19.1-13)
January 28: “Isaiah's Encounter" (Isaiah 6.1-8)
February 4: “The Hard-of-Hearing Israelites" (Psalm 95.1-11)
February 11: “The Listening Sheep" (John 10.1-11)

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