Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God

Our summer book, Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God by Dennis, Sheila, and Matthew Linn, is now available at the Front Desk. Be sure to pick one up for $12. We'll wonder together about what we picture when we think about God—is God an old man? a judge? a parent? And is God angry? merciful? both? We'll be meeting every other Tuesday at 7 pm throughout the summer, discussing different sections of the book, culminating with a final dinner on Wednesday, August 16 (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE DINNER). You'll notice, as you flip through the book, that it's divided into two sections. We're going to read and discuss them simultaneously. This could get confusing, so here's a handy chart:

Date/Time LocationLocationPages to Read
June 13 @ 7 pmBrown Truck Brewery 1-15, 54-57
June 27 @ 7 pmChurch Member's Home16-27, 57-66
July 11 @ 7 pmBrown Truck Brewery28-37, 66-76
July 25 @ 7 pmBrown Truck Brewery38-51, 76-89
August 8 @ 7 pmChurch Member's HomeWhole Book
August 16 @ 6 pmWMUMC Dining Hall (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)Whole Book

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