Where do we find our story between the two realities of Christ's birth and eventual return? In Mark 13, Jesus clearly states details about his future return. Listen as to how Christ's return bolsters the validity of the nativity story and its relevance to our lives today.

If we do not build margins into our lives and our finances, we have little room for generosity. If we spill over the margins of our lives, whether they be professional, financial or emotional, it always leads to the same conclusion: burnout. When we make a margin for the marginalized, it keeps our own greed in check and blesses the world. When we make margins for the marginalized, we become happier and holier people. And when we make a margin for the marginalized, we get that much closer to serving the poor in an intentional and fruitful way that fulfills the Lord's command in Matthew 25 "If you did it to the least of these, you did it to me." May we be a people that are not known for what we possess, but for what and how we give.

We all have faced difficulties in our lives, especially in this year of 2020. Listen as our senior pastor Jeff Patterson unpacks Psalm 100 and shows the difference of having an attitude of praise in contrast with having an attitude of whining.

God has given everyone opportunity and ability, but do we joyfully use them or hide them out of fear? How can we walk in freedom and joy with God while having an open heart, an open wallet and an open calendar?

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