With billions of followers and thousands of denominations, how is the Church of Jesus Christ a global family? Listen as Pastor Clark Chilton shows what is the one tie that binds us all as the body of Christ

Ever had a job where you had no initial experience, no training, no pay, you weren’t allowed to quit and people’s lives were at stake? That’s parenting. As daunting as parenting can be, there are also objective and practical resources in the Bible to help us. Parenting does not have to be a free-for-all in which you only grasp at straws and do “what works for you." Listen as Pastor Clark Chilton leads us through 5 parenting precepts to help you parent your children at any age.

Even though being single may feel like a season of waiting, it doesn't have to be a wasted season. You can be single but also never be alone.

How can singleness be a gift? Listen and share to encourage anyone in their singleness.

Covenant makes Christian marriage distinctive. Two important subheadings to its distinctiveness: Our culture's misunderstanding of covenant vs contract The blessings of covenant

How can we live above and beyond our own expectations? Listen as Pastor Ken unpacks Matthew chapter 5.

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