Serve at Wesley Memorial

At Wesley Memorial we have many opportunities to serve on campus by participating in an administrative or ministry team. We can use your gifts to serve our church by connecting you with a team that allows you to offer your gifts to the community. If you have an interest in serving on a team please contact Jeff Patterson.

When a child is baptized we all vow to uphold him or her by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness. Wesley Memorial has strong children's and student ministry programs and those programs are strong because of the committed volunteers who serve in those ministry areas. Relationships with committed adult Christians have a huge impact on the lives of young people and on their faith formation.
At Wesley Memorial we are blessed with a commercial kitchen on site. We use this kitchen for church and community events throughout the year. Each Wednesday during the school year we have Bible Study Lunch and a church-wide supper. If food preparation or serving are your passions, please connect with Cindy Dominick about plugging in to a food service opportunity.
One of the church's roles is to be a loving presence to those who have lost a loved one. At Wesley Memorial we have a bereavement ministry that provides meals to family members, receptions after funerals and care boxes with basic items persons need for their houses when they are hosting visiting family in the wake of a death. To serve on the bereavement team please contact Cindy Dominick.
At Wesley Memorial we have limited administrative or data entry support from paid staff. We rely on our church members who like organization or data entry tasks to help us with posting worship attendance, updating contact information and other administrative tasks. If you like to do data entry or answer phones, please contact Scott Howell for a project.
The Bible calls all of us to welcome the stranger in our midst. Although all of our church members work to welcome new faces, at Wesley Memorial we have a team of persons who oversee the processes we use to welcome visitors to our campus. If you like welcoming new persons, visioning about ways to reach new folks or you simply like making refreshments for receptions, your gifts can be used in the hospitality ministry area. To get involved with hospitality contact Jared Stine.

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