Strategic Plan - Basic Strategies

WHY does Wesley Memorial exist?
To Make Disciples.

HOW will Wesley Memorial make disciples over the next 3-4 years?
By emphasizing 4 priority, spiritual practices of Worship, Prayer, Small Groups, and Hands-on Mission.

WHAT will this look like?
In November 2016, the Charge Conference approved 30 strategies representing the strategic plan for Wesley Memorial. In February 2017 at the annual Leadership Summit, these strategies were distributed to the administrative and ministry teams. Now, each team is working to set priorities and develop tactics to implement these strategies. Monthly, the team leaders will come together as the Church Council to monitor and coordinate how Wesley Memorial is living into the plan.

Copies of the 30 strategies approved by the Charge Conference are available HERE.

Information about the tactics and updates on their implementation are available from the Church Council, our Lay Leaders (Meredith Morgan & Jim Holcomb), and our team members. Stories of how emphasizing the spiritual practices of Worship, Prayer, Small Groups and Hands-on Mission is making disciples will be forthcoming as Wesley Memorial continues to “create and sustain spiritually healthy followers of Jesus Christ who live in ways that transform the world."

Our strategic plan centers around the emphasis of 4 priority spiritual practices - Worship, Prayer, Small Groups and Hands-on Mission. A Missional Church describes a community whose purpose is to make disciples through life centered on loving God and loving others. It requires more than a change in the types and volume of programs offered. Instead, it calls for a shift in thinking and behaving. A Missional Church seeks to reclaim the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ which includes:

Redemption of our relationship with God

Redemption of our relationships with others

Redemption of our relationship with Creation

Another way to look at it is, a Missional Church is:

Kingdom focused, not church focused

People focused, not program focused

External/Outward focused, not inward focused

Quality focused, not quantity focused

A guiding principal in our endeavor to become a Missional Church is the application of the following filter question to all that we do as a church:

“How does ____________ meet/ fit/ conflict with Wesley Memorial's purpose statement to make and sustain spiritually healthy follower of Jesus Christ who live in ways that transform the world?"

For more information about becoming a Missional Church, please view “The Missional Church…simple" by clicking HERE.

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