Updated COVID protocols for the Wesley Memorial campus

Let’s Defeat the COVID Virus

August 12th, 2021

Church Family,

All of us are disappointed that COVID has not yet faded into memory. We are all tired of worrying about the virus and being told what we need to do to defeat the virus. But, unfortunately, the struggle against the virus continues.

The Wesley Memorial Staff and Administrative Team want to keep our congregation vibrant in worship and mission, but we want to do what we can to help people be safe and feel safe. So, beginning immediately, we are resurrecting some earlier protocols and beginning some new ones. 

• In addition to our 9:45 contemporary worship in the Fellowship Hall and the 11:00 am traditional worship in the sanctuary, we will continue our 8:30 am Outdoor Worship at the back of our campus at least through September.

• We will move our Wednesday 6:00 pm Vespers back to the sanctuary from the chapel.

• We will continue to use a highly effective yet safe disinfectant to clean our worship spaces between services.

• We will seat people in every other pew in the sanctuary, beginning at the front, and dismiss beginning at the back. Your clergy will be greeting you after the services outside the building. We ask you not to congregate in small spaces. We will separate chairs in the contemporary worship space.

• We will cease passing an offering plate and resume having a plate in the narthex to receive your offerings. Hymns and Bibles will remain removed from the pews.

• We will continue using pre-packed celebration cups for our communion services.

• We will continue to use soloists (no choir) until it becomes safer for the choir to gather.

• Safety protocols for sharing food will be continued. 

• As much as we value your presence, please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of a possible illness.

We strongly encourage you, both vaccinated and unvaccinated to wear masks so everyone will feel safe. We know that there are varied opinions about the benefits and need of masks, but this is a simple thing that we can do to help others feel safe. But, we acknowledge that people have different reasons for wearing or not wearing masks, so we will continue to be a “Judgment Free” zone regarding wearing masks when we gather for worship. Regardless, always practice social distancing and frequent handwashing. We have provided hand sanitizer throughout our campus. Please feel free to contact any of our staff members if you have questions. 

Even with our differing opinions and approaches to defeating the COVID virus, we want to nurture the unity and mission of our congregation. As always, everyone is welcome to participate in any of our gatherings as we seek to be committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Together on this journey,

Pastor Jeff