Parenting Seminar Aug. 21

Parenting with Love and Leadership - Sunday August 21st at 2pm in the Fellowship Hall

Parenting with Love and Leadership - August 21st 2:00-5:30pm

Location: Fellowship Hall

Speaker: Dr. John Rosemond

Children depend on parents for the two L-words of Love and Leadership. In today’s parenting culture, Love is often weakened by well-intentioned enabling, and Leadership is weakened by the equally well-intentioned attempt to be “popular” with one’s children.

In this entertaining and thought-provoking talk, John tells parents how to deliver these two essential parenting ingredients in ways that strengthen children emotionally and help them grow into responsible, compassionate citizens.

John helps parents understand how to best deliver love and leadership from toddlerhood right on through the teenage years. He introduces important and provocative concepts, such as Why Children Love to Be Ignored.

Tickets are $5 a person or $10 per couple and are available in the front office. Make checks payable to "Wesley Memorial". You can also pay online and select "John Rosemond Event" under the Fund drop-down menu.

Questions? Contact Rev. Clark Chilton

This event made possible by the Milly Marsh Children's Fund