July 14th at 11:15am. Never been baptized? Here is your invitation!

Baptism Sunday at Wesley Memorial

If you or someone you know have never been baptized, here is your invitation!

What do I need to do?

Fill out the form below and a pastor will be in touch with you to discuss the meaning of baptism and answer any questions.

What time should I arrive?

There will be one combined worship service at 10 AM on July 14. You’re welcome to attend the service, but if not, arrive in the bridge café by 10:45 AM.. We will provide towels and a free black t-shirt for you to wear. Wear shorts and bring a change of clothes.

Where will the baptism take place?

They will take place on the patio outside the Fellowship Hall. A portable pool will be in place for immersion baptism.

Can friends and family come?

Absolutely! We will have free refreshments afterward for all to enjoy.

We also ask all baptism participants to write a short testimony of what led you to this decision. Your testimony will be read before your baptism.