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WEDNESDAYS - Middle School Midweek Motivation - 6pm-7:30pm

SUNDAYS - High School Ministry - 6pm-8pm

Both meet in Student Ministry Wing. Dinner provided!

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Riley Phelps -

Kaide Sledge -

Summer Serving Opportunities:

Music and Arts Camps: June 17-20

Vacation Bible School: July 21-25

Community Outreach Team

This is an exciting new team formed in 2024!

Ed Cornwell (chair), Barry Cheek, Jeff Veach, Chase Tobin, Brett Bell, Elli Yu and 1 more TBD. This is an exciting new endeavor that will really bless the church and our community. This team will rotate to surround our Monday Ball & Bible with love, support, prayer and presence. They will also be praying about outreach meals to local basketball/football teams in the area, and a potential partnership on Tuesdays with an after-school program with Commander Peace Academy Boxing Center. These men will continue to dream about continued ways to utilize exercise, sports, outdoor adventure and the related to reach the next generation!!! We are very excited about the Kingdom opportunity and potential with this team!

Student Ministry Vision

Our student ministry is open to any student and their friends in grades 6-12. We also have new opportunities for young adults ages 18-29 during different seasons and special times throughout the year too. We love seeing new faces and meeting new friends! As students and young adults join us, we pray they will begin to notice their full potential in Christ.

We pray out time together encourages and equips them to go out into the world with their light shining bright ready to serve Him! Our hope is that every person walks away from us encouraged, hopeful, motivated with a heart on FIRE for JESUS!


We are a Bible-believing, God-fearing, Spirit-filled group that loves "stacking the stands" for students and walking alongside their journey with Jesus! We typically have 6-8 different event opportunities each week where students can ALWAYS bring their friends. Each event is slightly different with how intentional we are with fellowship, discipleship and growing in God's Word.

We utilize sports, food, leaders and different spaces on and off campus to achieve the same purpose in helping students: Love God, Love Others & Change the World! With our E3 model of ministry we hope each student feels engaged, equipped and empowered to live a life for Christ. Being a Christian is more than a title, it's a lifestyle.


Student Ministry Staff Team:


Ministry Director



Administrative Coordinator

Kaide H. Sledge



Ministry Intern

Aiden E. Daves



Student Ministry Leadership Team:

TBD (ministry director)

Tracy Briggs (team chair)

Kaide Sledge (admin)

Aiden Daves (intern)

Tom Smothers

Ed Cornwell

Barry Cheek

Robert Yates

Debra Jones

Jacob Kohns


Student Representatives:

Arden Yates (Southwest-12th)

Lyla Dorn (HPCA-11th)


Ball and Bible Adult Leaders:

Ed Cornwell (The Citadel)

Barry Cheek (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Aiden Daves (GTCC)

Community Outreach Team:

Ed Cornwell (The Citadel) (chair)

Barry Cheek (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Jeff Veach (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Elli Yu (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Brett Bell (NC State)

Chase Tobin (ECU)

Bible Study Leaders:

Taylor Kyle (Columbia International)

Kaide Sledge (UNC Charlotte)

Jessica Nelson (UNCW)

Steven Nelson (UNCW)

Jacob Kohns (Anderson)

Justin Sledge (UNC Charlotte)

Josh Harris (App State)

Midweek Motivation Student Serving Team:

Kyla Fjeld (Wesleyan)

Lyla Dorn (HPCA)

Arden Yates (Southwest)

Callie Curran (East Davidson)

Fernanda Perez (Bishop McGuinness)

Roscoe Randall (Central)

Midweek Motivation Leaders:

Tracy Briggs

Debra Jones

Amber McGee

Heather Woodard

Grayson Frye

Kaide Sledge

Justin Sledge

Robert Yates

Jacob Kohns

Jim Maines

Aiden Daves

Steven Nelson

12th Grade Seniors:

Arden Yates

Kyla Fjeld

Fernanda Perez

Abby Keever

Hannah Reeves

Lizzie Marsh

Ginny Kitley

Jill Pettie

Carli Crews

Courtney Lyon

Dixie Clinard

Mallory Atkinson

Maddie Carroll

Kate Morgan

Ava Burton

Austen Grace White

Ava Vaughn

Benjamin Brown

Kory Proctor

Hudson Lance

Seth Wall

Denzel Sowa

Lucas Newton

Nathan Owens

Judah Reitnour

Brayden Ankin

Luke Morgan

Jordan Dancy

Aaron Howard

Jalen Umstead

Welcome Kaide Sledge to our student ministry team! Kaide and her husband Justin have been volunteering at our church for the last year. She has a servant’s heart, a passion for middle school girls and other awesome gifts that will continue to enhance our student ministry. We are thrilled to welcome Kaide to the team!

Fun ways to get to know Kaide:

Fav Candy: Peanut M&Ms

Fav Animal: Blue Bird

Fav Place to Eat: San Luis or Chipotle

Fav Dessert: Cheesecake & Cookies

Fav Scripture/Life Verse: Psalm 139

Hidden Talent: I can bake :)

Family Info: I come from a family of five, I am a middle child, one younger and one older brother

Pets: I recently rescued a black German Shephard puppy, Winnie Girl

Born: Concord, NC but grew up in Harrisburg, NC

High School: Hickory Ridge High School

College: UNCC (niners) - Graduated with a bachelors degree in Communication Studies - Organizational (corporate) and Mass Media. Minored in Sociology.

Hobbies: I love to read!

Welcome Aiden Daves to our student ministry team! Aiden was active in our weekly Bible Studies and Edge of Adventure during high school and most recently graduated from Wesleyan Christian Academy in the spring of 2023. After working at a summer student ministry camp he has now joined us as our new fall intern! He has a humble spirit and kind heart that will help point students to Jesus! We are thrilled to welcome Aiden to the team!

Fun ways to get to know Aiden:

Fav Candy: Snickers

Fav Animal: Monkeys

Fav Place to Eat: Chipotle

Fav Dessert: Cupcakes (chocolate or lemon)

Fav Scripture/Life Verse: Romans 8:32

Hidden Talent: Beating Steve in ping pong

Pets: 3 cats

Born: High Point, NC

College: GTCC, coursework & basketball team

Hobbies: Basketball, ping pong, golf, reading and Tae Kwon Do

Student Ministry @ WMC-High Point

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Fuel Room:

Words to fuel your fire for Christ:

Top 10 Leader Characteristics:

  1. Prayer
  2. Intentionality
  3. Perseverance
  4. Adaptability
  5. Enthusiasm
  6. Humility
  7. Vision
  8. Wisdom
  9. Honesty
  10. Self-Control

We always try to use our God-given gifts and abilities while being resourceful at all times. Always give 100% while leaving room for the Holy Spirit to be present in all you say and do. We are so pumped for all God is doing in High Point, NC!

"You would much rather be humbled by God than by life's circumstances"

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less."

"Being a Christian is more than a title, it's a lifestyle"

"The greatest among you will be your servant. For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted." Matthew 23:11-12

2022-2024 Calendar Archive

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