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UMC Next: “The UMCNext group is a collection of ministers and others who are working on the future of what the UMC will be post-separation.” Rev. Dr. McKennon Shea

UMC Insight: This is a non-profit publication that was founded in December 2011 by Cynthia B. Astle, a veteran religion journalist who serves as Editor. UM Insight is sponsored by St. Stephen United Methodist Church of Mesquite, TX.

Reconciling Ministries Network

Rev. Dr. Steve Harper (recommended by Rev. Amy Coles)

Rev. Adam Hamilton Facebook video of his views of UMC issues (recommended by Rev. Dr. McKennon Shea)

Centrist Resources

Rev. Tom Berlin blog (recommended by Rev. Dr. McKennon Shea)

Mainstream UMC

Christianity Today

Traditionalist Resources

Additional Resources from Congregants

-Submitted by MATT MILLER

Adam Hamilton:

Rob Renfroe:



-Submitted by JAMIE COLLINS

Schism in the Body


-Submitted by SAMANTHA H KLEMME (6/14/22)

“What the Bible says about Homosexuality”

“Requiem for the UMC”



-Submitted by GWEN RUSSELL

This video is very clear about what's happening with the Methodist Church!

Cornerstone UMC Houston Bishop Scott Jones Q&A 08-14-2022

This is by Dr. William Willimon who is a retired American theologian and bishop in the United Methodist Church and former Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Duke Divinity School.


More recent and written by Bishop Kenneth Lee Carder who is a retired bishop of The United Methodist Church who served the Southeast Jurisdiction.


Here is the link for the video "Why We Are Staying In The UMC” by Adam Hamilton


-Submitted by JOHN THOMAS:

YouTube Links from Trinity on the Hill UMC's Fact Finding Team:

"Status of UMC Presentation" - a presentation on UMC's conflict over doctrinal and human sexuality issues

"Denomination & Legal" - the pros and cons of denominational choices facing our church and a discussion of legal issues concerning disaffiliation

"Why I am leaving the United Methodist Church"

-Submitted by Dan Smoak

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