Ongoing updates regarding the coming changes to the United Methodist Church

This committee was formed as an exploratory team because of the possible splitting of our United Methodist Church (UMC) denomination.


Our purpose is to objectively gather as much information as possible about the relevant issues and to disseminate that information to the congregation, so that (if called upon) the congregation can be equipped to make an informed decision about whether to remain a member of the UMC denomination. We will also carefully discern what alternatives may be available for Wesley Memorial in the future.


We anticipate that our work will be thorough and ongoing. Any vote taken about the future of our church will be from the congregation and not this team. We encourage our Wesley Memorial family to do their own research on these issues. We welcome and encourage open dialogue with team members.


WNCC Information For Local Churches Concerning “Disaffiliation”

Letter to District Superintendent from Wesley Memorial

Discernment Team Research Papers

More research papers from the Discernment Team are forthcoming

Video Presentations

Dr. Terry Moore - Senior Pastor of Weddington Church
Rev. Amy Coles - Assistant to Bishop Carter
Town Hall - May 31st, 2022 - Controversy and Q&A
11/29/22 Town Hall Panel Discussion
Pastors Presentation - November 13th, 2022